Charlotte Road Trip Preparation

April 20, 2022

People from Charlotte, North Carolina, love their cars. And nothing goes with cars better than a North Carolina road trip. Freedom from daily schedules, new sights and the open road it's great! But there's nothing like car trouble to bring the fun to a grinding halt.You can't always avoid probl... More

Buying the Right Tires and Wheels in Charlotte, North Carolina

April 19, 2022

Everyone in Charlotte, North Carolina eventually replaces their tires, whether it's because they're worn out or they're just looking for something different. There are so many great tire choices in Charlotte, it can be difficult to sort them out. Let's group the broad spectrum into several categ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Charlotte (Tryon St): Air Conditioning Inspection

April 18, 2022

Most auto manufacturers recommend an interval for an air conditioning system inspection. The inspection uncovers leaks, worn hoses and assesses the condition of the other components.Environmental laws in some around Charlotte require leaks to be repaired before refrigerant can be added. Also some... More

Clean Fuel Makes a Happy Engine in Charlotte, North Carolina

March 27, 2022

If the fuel system in your vehicle is dirty, you will be hurting your engine and losing performance as you drive around Charlotte, North Carolina.Unless they drive a vintage car, Charlotte auto owners have fuel injectors which need to be properly maintained. That is why your vehicle owner's manua... More

Cold Weather Vehicle No-Nos (Items to Avoid Storing in a Freezing Vehicle)

March 20, 2022

It's always easier to leave a few things in your vehicle so you'll have them on hand. But in cold weather, while it's a good idea to carry items such as a phone charger, blanket and shovel, there are some things you shouldn't store in your vehicle. Medicines and drugs. Cold temperatures can af... More

Gear Up: Transmission Service at Tuffy Charlotte (Tryon St) in Charlotte

March 13, 2022

The transmission system in your vehicle allows you to change gears. Lower gears are power gears. They get your vehicle moving and get it up hills. Higher gears get the vehicle up to speed and get it rolling faster. If you have a standard transmission, then you have to do the work of shifting gea... More

Wasteful Thinking

March 6, 2022

With the weather getting colder, you might be tempted to start your vehicle up, let it idle for 15 or 20 minutes and then get in the nice, cozy cabin. Some vehicles offer remote starting that let you do that from the comfort of your home or apartment. But is letting your vehicle idle like that ... More

Ethics of Automotive Repair in Charlotte

February 27, 2022

We're going to be talking about the ethics of automotive repair. It seems like news outlets really like hit-and-run reporting; they hit everyone from groceries stores to retail to physicians. And the Charlotte automotive service and repair industry hasn't been given a pass either.Unfortunately, e... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Charlotte (Tryon St): Serpentine Belt Overview

February 20, 2022

The technicians at Tuffy Charlotte (Tryon St) know your serpentine belt drives important engine accessories like your alternator, air conditioning compressor, and power steering. In some cars it may also power the power brakes or water pump. The serpentine belt is powered by the engine and winds ... More

Clean Fuel Equals Clean Performance for Charlotte Drivers

February 13, 2022

Hello, Charlotte residents. Let's talk fuel filters. Fuel filters clean the dirt, dust and debris out of your fuel. Both gasoline and diesel-powered engines have them. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine.Charlotte auto owners don't need to filter their... More